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Collateral Beauty: Critics Review

Collateral Beauty could not claim the attention of the viewers as per expectation of the production of the film. Days before and after the release of Collateral Beauty, critics shared their opinion about the movie, which was also not good enough to rate it as one of the best movie of 2016.


If we go through the critic score of Collateral Beauty, most top critics has rated the movie below 50 out of 100.


Collateral Beauty: Critics Review – ‘I still can’t quite believe it exists, though I may yet find myself shouting about it on the street’ ; Robbie Collin


Let’s have a look to the key words of the critics about Collateral Beauty,


Charlotte Observer – Lawrence Toppman                                                         Dec 14, 2016

Many critics will complain about emotional manipulation, but I share Roger Ebert’s view: “Some people like to be emotionally manipulated. I do, when it’s done well.” I think “Beauty” does it well.


St. Louis Post-Dispatch – Calvin Wilson                                                           Dec 15, 2016

Collateral Beauty is based on a premise so preposterous that the film shouldn’t work. But the illusion of credibility is sustained just well enough to keep things from falling apart.


The Playlist – Will Ashton                                                                                 Dec 14, 2016

Manipulative and over-engineered, starring high-profile actors doing all they can elicit deep compassion, Collateral Beauty fails to make an impression, and contains not nearly enough authentic beauty to make it worthwhile.


The Globe and Mail (Toronto) – Brad Wheeler                                                 Dec 15, 2016

Scriptwriter Allan Loeb, the man behind more than one Kevin James vehicle, attempts Christmastime magic à la “Miracle on 34th Street,” but ends up conjuring Maudlin on Madison Avenue instead.


San Francisco Chronicle – Mick LaSalle                                                          Dec 15, 2016

In the end it all seems a little too glib, too easy and not quite true.


Boston Globe – Tom Russo                                                                               Dec 15, 2016

Too well-meaning and too infused with genuine poignancy from Smith and Harris for the film to be dismissed as just a trigger for our snark reflex. But it’s a shame that the tears Smith sheds aren’t serving a better conceived story.


Washington Post – Stephanie Merry                                                                Dec 15, 2016

The movie manages to be simultaneously superficial and heartbreaking. That’s no easy feat — nor is it a laudable one.


Movie Nation – Roger Moore                                                                             Dec 13, 2016

If “Collateral” fails to move you — and it might, because I was untouched — it may have to do with the clumsy clockwork machinations of a script that has to make its entire unholy and unethical premise seem “logical” and understandable.


The Hollywood Reporter – David Rooney                                                         Dec 13, 2016

Audiences who enjoy smiling through tears, and don’t mind having their buttons pushed in the most obvious ways, could probably do a lot worse.


Variety – Owen Gleiberman                                                                               Dec 13, 2016

By the end of Collateral Beauty, you’d have to have a heart of stone for the film not to get to you a bit, but even if it does, you may still feel like you’ve been played.


These were the average reviews given by the top critics, mostly from 75 to 50 points to Collateral Beauty. Most of the reviews for Collateral Beauty are below 50 points.


Entertainment Weekly – Leah Greenblatt                                                           Dec 14, 2016

These actors are too good to be entirely sunk by the sheer silliness of the material (with the exception of Smith, who seems fully committed to playing the role of a human frown-face emoji).


Empire – Ian Freer                                                                                             Dec 26, 2016

In a month of “A Monster Calls” and “Manchester By The Sea,” Collateral Beauty serves up a hollow portrait of grief. Despite its quality cast and slick visuals, the result is sombre and saccharine rather than uplifting.


Time Out New York – Dave Calhoun                                                                  Dec 21, 2016

It’s just impossible to get past the core ridiculousness and arm-twisting manipulation of the plot.


We Got This Covered – Matt Donato                                                              Dec 15, 2016

Collateral Beauty is a Hallmark tear-jerker in the worst way, so out of tune with human emotion that it almost becomes satire.


ReelViews – James Berardinelli                                                                       Dec 17, 2016

Pretentious and manipulative, the movie bludgeons viewers with its new age philosophizing and its desire to be considered meaningful.


USA Today – Brian Truitt                                                                                Dec 16, 2016

An unseasonably cynical assault on the holiday spirit.


The Seattle Times – Moira Macdonald                                                               Dec 14, 2016

Collateral Beauty is a pretty terrible movie, but it left me with one overarching thought: My life, and surely yours, too, would be vastly improved if only Helen Mirren were perpetually lurking nearby, offering advice.


Los Angeles Times – Justin Chang                                                                  Dec 15, 2016

This movie doesn’t rise to the level of so-bad-it’s-good. But no less impressively, perhaps, it’s just bad enough that you actually wish it were worse.


Austin Chronicle – Marjorie Baumgarten                                                           Dec 14, 2016

Collateral Beauty is ultimately as mushy a movie as the phrase itself, whose definition is never fully explained by the script. It’s another example of something sounding good but meaning little.


Arizona Republic – Randy Cordova                                                                 Dec 14, 2016

This wildly distasteful premise is meant to be cute and enlightening, like a modern Frank Capra flick, but this is hardly “It’s a Wonderful Life.” Instead, the movie keeps tripping over itself.


The Film Stage – Eric D. Snider                                                                       Dec 19, 2016

Collateral Beauty is soggy garbage intended to make you cry, but it’s so clumsy in its manipulations that you almost feel sorry for it.


New York Post – Kyle Smith                                                                             Dec 15, 2016

The Will Smith weepie Collateral Beauty couldn’t be more calculated and manipulative if it slapped you on the back, shoved a giant lollipop into your mouth and immediately tried to sell you a time share in Tampa.


Chicago Tribune – Katie Walsh                                                                         Dec 15, 2016

Collateral Beauty is much more shallow nonsense than anything else.


Consequence of Sound – Dominick Suzanne-Mayer                                         Dec 15, 2016

It is not a bad film because of its sincerity of intention. It’s a bad film because it manages to make that sincerity feel disingenuous as it goes on, more and more so with each passing scene.


Indiewire – Jude Dry                                                                                         Dec 13, 2016

With the bizarre way Whit and his crew talk about numbers and money, Collateral Beauty is just another story about spoiled rich people.


TheWrap – Dan Callahan                                                                                   Dec 13, 2016

Collateral Beauty is certainly a case of outright sentimental damage, not beauty, but of course the word collateral also means money that can be bargained with, and hopefully that’s what the ill-fated cast of this picture received in some abundance.


Wall Street Journal – Joe Morgenstern                                                               Dec 15, 2016

A movie that means to be uplifting but turns out to be insufferable.


Time -Stephanie Zacharek                                                                                 Dec 15, 2016

Every so often there comes a movie so tasteless, so nakedly pandering, so bodaciously ill conceived that you’ve got to see it to believe it. This year, that movie is Collateral Beauty.

Collateral Beauty supposed to be a good one, but turned out to the bitter one as per critics reviews.


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