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Hacksaw Ridge: Critics’ Review

Hacksaw Ridge is mainly a Biography movie, where Drama, History, Romance and War was portrayed beautifully, casting Andrew Garfield, Luke Bracey, Sam Worthington, and Teresa Palmer. This 139- minutes movie has depicted a part of soldier life, named Desmond Doss, who fought in World War II, on behalf of American soldier. He fought on the front line and saved 75 men without or carrying a gun, amidst the bloodiest battle in the history. Being an Army Medical officer, he treated the wounded from behind enemy lines all alone. He was hit with a grenade by snipers. Doss was the first diligent protestor, awarded by the Congressional Medal of Honor.


Since it was released on November 4, 2016, a glimpse of the top reviews on the film is given below:


San Francisco Chronicle – Mick LaSalle                                                           Nov 3, 2016

Hacksaw Ridge is one of the best films of 2016. And the victory is all the more sweet for Gibson in that he succeeds on his own weird terms.


New York Observer – Rex Reed                                                                       Nov 2, 2016

The best war film since “Saving Private Ryan.” It is violent, harrowing, heartbreaking and unforgettable. And yes, it was directed by Mel Gibson. He deserves a medal, too.


We Got This Covered – Bernard Boo                                                                 Nov 8, 2016

Though it’s a bit of a wobbly mess at times, Hacksaw Ridge ultimately winds up being a deeply moving character study about an unlikely American hero.



Wall Street Journal – Joe Morgenstern                                                                 Nov 3, 2016

Remarkably, Hacksaw Ridge coalesces into a memorable whole.


Rolling Stone – Peter Travers                                                                              Nov 3, 2016

Thanks to some of the greatest battle scenes ever filmed, Gibson once again shows his staggering gifts as a filmmaker, able to juxtapose savagery with aching tenderness.


Philadelphia Inquirer – Tirdad Derakhshani                                                         Nov 3, 2016

Garfield melts into his Doss character in a performance that seems impossibly still and tranquil. He’s mesmerizing. It’s almost impossible to imagine he ever played Spider-Man.


Consequence of Sound – Randall Colburn                                                       Oct 31, 2016

It’s a movie about bravery and the power of inspiration, be it divine or corporeal, in moments of hopelessness. Desmond’s faith is placed front and center, and the way it operates here celebrates not the object of that faith, but the power it has to motivate both Desmond and his squad.


The Film Stage – Rory O’Connor                                                                       Sep 4, 2016

While derivative and endlessly cheesy, it’s a characteristically visceral return for Gibson, and one that confirms that little has changed in the man’s singular artistic psyche.


New York Magazine (Vulture) – David Edelstein                                              Nov 2, 2016

Say what you will about Mad Mel Gibson, he’s a driven, febrile artist, and there isn’t a second in his war film Hacksaw Ridge — not even the ones that should register as clichés — that doesn’t burn with his peculiar intensity.


The Telegraph – Robbie Collin                                                                         Sep 10, 2016

Hacksaw Ridge is a fantastically moving and bruising war film that hits you like a raw topside of beef in the face – a kind of primary-coloured Guernica that flourishes on a big screen with a crowd.


Time Out New York – Dave Calhoun                                                                 Sep 6, 2016

Overall, there aren’t many shades of gray in Hacksaw Ridge, but it’s a movie that fulfills its purpose with vigor, confidence and swagger, and those battle scenes are impossible to take your eyes off.


The Hollywood Reporter – David Rooney                                                         Sep 4, 2016

Themes of courage, patriotism, faith and unwavering adherence to personal beliefs have been a constant through Gibson’s directing projects, as has a fascination with bloodshed and gore. Those qualities serve this powerful true story of heroism without violence extremely well, overcoming its occasional cliched battle-movie tropes to provide stirring drama.


The Playlist- Jessica Kiang                                                                                 Sep 4, 2016

Along with screenwriters Robert Schenkkan and Andrew Knight, Gibson, whose lack of directorial subtlety but skill with action both reach an apex here, is not content to tell the true story of Desmond Doss and his unshakeable, courage-giving faith. He wants to convince us that his faith was, in fact, the truth.


Indiewire – Ben Croll                                                                                           Sep 7, 2016

A blood-soaked, bone-crunching hymn to religious devotion and faith, Hacksaw Ridge doesn’t hum Mel Gibson’s favorite themes; it shouts them.


Slant Magazine – Christopher Gray                                                                   Oct 28, 2016

This is a work of defiantly simplistic, classically structured Hollywood storytelling, and Mel Gibson takes to its hokey plot points with some gusto.


The Globe and Mail (Toronto) – Barry Hertz                                                     Nov 3, 2016

It is almost as if Gibson is daring his audience to turn away from his opera of barbarity – but perversely, his violence is the only compelling element of Hacksaw Ridge. Perhaps ironically for a war film, the rest of it is mostly a draw.


CineVue – John Bleasdale                                                                                   Sep 10, 2016

There’s no getting away from it, Gibson has produced another bombastic, crowd-pleasing and obviously blood-soaked movie which expertly glorifies that which its hero was against.


New Orleans Times-Picayune – Mike Scott                                                     Nov 2, 2016

There are movies based on real events that must be embellished in order to make them work on the big screen. Mel Gibson’s World War II drama Hacksaw Ridge is not such a movie. In fact, it’s the opposite.


Los Angeles Times – Justin Chang                                                                  Nov 2, 2016

Gibson has made a movie that is somehow both deeply dishonest and crushingly sincere — and still at war with itself, long after the final shot has been fired.


Movie Nation – Roger Moore                                                                            Nov 2, 2016

It’s a good-if-not-great movie, old fashioned but anachronistic dialogue, action that’s more impressive than inspiring, a combat film that like Eastwood’s Western “Unforgiven,” tries to have it both ways — a sermon against the violence of man delivered in a very violent story.


Chicago Tribune – Michael Phillips                                                                     Nov 3, 2016

Vince Vaughn, plainly enjoying himself, plays his casually astonished sergeant, who encourages hazing and beatings of Doss.


Boston Globe – Peter Keough                                                                           Nov 3, 2016

It is epic in scope, intimate in detail, and otherworldly in its dimensions, like the Bayeux Tapestry with special effects and a stentorian soundtrack.


RogerEbert.com – Matt Zoller Seitz                                                                   Nov 3, 2016

True to form, Hacksaw Ridge draws equally on Gibson’s bottomless thirst for mayhem and his sincerely held religious beliefs — or some of them, anyway. It’s a movie at war with itself.


Tampa Bay Times – Steve Persall                                                                     Nov 2, 2016

It feels disingenuous to celebrate Doss’ moral code by vividly pretending to demolish it. Nobody disputes the notion that war is hell. But maybe this particular war movie didn’t need that.


Christian Science Monitor – Peter Rainer                                                          Nov 4, 2016

The war scenes in Hacksaw Ridge, which take up almost half the screen time, are almost on a level with the D-Day invasion sequence from “Saving Private Ryan.”


New York Daily News – Joe Dziemianowicz                                                     Nov 2, 2016

It’s gripping, eye-opening and when it comes to heroics, thought-provoking. But it also suffers from grisliness, sentiment and self-indulgence.


The New York Times – A.O. Scott                                                                      Nov 2, 2016

Desmond Doss was calm, humble and courageous, qualities Mr. Gibson honors but does not share. It is possible to be moved and inspired by Desmond’s exploits while still feeling that his convictions have been exploited, perhaps even betrayed.


Village Voice – Bilge Ebiri                                                                                 Nov 2, 2016

As a filmmaker, Gibson understands that there is something fundamentally irreconcilable about Doss’ love of peace, his abject and visceral revulsion at battle and a war movie’s embrace of violence. Somehow, the director has made a film that can contain that contradiction — that remains irreducible. He breaks his own movie, and somehow the movie is better for it.


Arizona Republic – Bill Goodykoontz                                                                 Nov 2, 2016

[Gibson’s] talent as a filmmaker, Desmond’s story and Garfield’s understated performance make Hacksaw Ridge a good movie, a straightforward story of faith and courage whose complications arise not in the story, but in the telling of it.


Washington Post – Ann Hornaday                                                                       Nov 3, 2016

Hacksaw Ridge winds up being a rousing piece of entertainment that also happens to be an affecting portrait of spiritual faith and simple human decency.

Hacksaw Ridge is ranked as 53rd most Discussed Movie of 2016 and 57th Most Shared Movie of 2016.

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