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La La Land: Critics’ Review

After Crazy, Stupid, Love and Gangster Squad Ryan and Emma Stone has smack the theater with their third love story, La La Land.


La La Land: Utterly Magnificent and Intoxicating, says Barry Hertz


This 138-minutes romantic musical comedy-drama also portrayed the usual love story of a couple, where lovers are a musician and an aspiring actress who meet and fall in love in Los Angeles. Director Damien Chazelle again showed his creativity with the name, as he also portrayed the euphemism for a state of being out of touch with reality.


The movie was released in the United States on December 9, 2016, before that it was premiered world-wide at the Venice Film Festival on August 31, 2016.


Beyond imagination, the success of the film was unbounded, as it won several awards already and yet in the list of nomination of The Golden Globe Award for Best Picture, Best American Film Institute chosen the film as one of the top ten films of 2016. The film has already grabbed Critics’ Choice Movie Award for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor for Ryan Gosling, Best Actress for Emma Stone, Best Screenplay, Best Original Score and Best Original Song.


Other co-star in the film are John Legend, Rosemarie DeWitt and J.K. Simmons.


Panorama of critics’ Review are given below:

The Globe and Mail (Toronto) – Barry Hertz                                               Dec 21, 2016

Utterly magnificent and intoxicating.


Charlotte Observer – Lawrence Toppman                                                   Dec 20, 2016

If “Whiplash” was Damien Chazelle’s bullet train through dark regions of the New York jazz world, La La Land is his leisurely bus tour through sunlit fantasies of life in Los Angeles.


Chicago Sun-Times – Richard Roeper                                                      Dec 15, 2016

Chazelle’s script is hopeful and sweet and clever and rich. His direction is innovative and captivating.


New York Observer – Rex Reed                                                                     Dec 15, 2016

So in spite of its flaws, La La Land has moments of pleasure and satisfaction that are worth the price of admission. It’s not that it’s a bad movie; it’s just not an outstanding entertainment, the way great movies (especially musicals) should be.


Chicago Tribune – Michael Phillips                                                                 Dec 15, 2016

Stone is spectacular, and she’s reason enough to see La La Land. Chazelle is a born filmmaker, and he doesn’t settle for rehashing familiar bits from musicals we already love. He’s too busy giving us reasons to fall for this one.


Boston Globe – Ty Burr                                                                                   Dec 15, 2016

Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers they ain’t. Stone’s singing voice is a soulful wisp of a thing. But this is the moment that convinced me the film’s writer-director, Damien Chazelle, knew exactly what he was doing. What his stars lack in training they make up for in relatability. They sing and dance just a little better than we would.


Washington Post – Ann Hornaday                                                                 Dec 15, 2016

The real star in La La Land is the movie itself, which pulses and glows like a living thing in its own right, as if the MGM musicals of the “Singin’ in the Rain” era had a love child with the more abstract confections of Jacques Demy, creating a new kind of knowing, self-aware genre that rewards the audience with all the indulgences they crave…while commenting on them from the sidelines.


Tampa Bay Times – Steve Persall                                                                    Dec 15, 2016

La La Land is a trove of references to musical milestones, not derivative but truly inspired. A more joyful movie for grown-ups can’t be found this season.


St. Louis Post-Dispatch – Calvin Wilson                                                      Dec 15, 2016

Gosling is terrific as the coolly introspective yet disarmingly charming Sebastian. And Stone is deservedly generating Oscar buzz for her portrayal of an artist who can’t quite believe she’ll ever be anything other than a barista.


Miami Herald – Rene Rodriguez                                                                 Dec 15, 2016

Here is a celebration of the artistic drive that is also a daring feat of showmanship, as technically accomplished in its own way as “Mad Max Fury Road” or “The Revenant.”


Austin Chronicle – Kimberley Jones                                                             Dec 14, 2016

It’s almost criminal to have to stay in your seat when the contact high of La La Land is goosing you to grand jeté in the aisle. The heart, at least, is at liberty to swell to bursting.


Arizona Republic – Bill Goodykoontz                                                           Dec 14, 2016

Gosling is terrific, playing hangdog and irritable yet still managing to be someone you root for (even if you want to smack him in the head every now and then). Stone is even better. It’s her best performance, and that’s saying something. Their relationship, their chemistry, everything about it, and everything about La La Land is, well, magic.


New Orleans Times-Picayune   – Mike Scott                                               Dec 13, 2016

La La Land is a film with strikingly broad appeal. Whether you’re a “Star Wars” geek or a hopeless romantic, a jazz fan or somebody who complains they just don’t make ’em like they used to anymore, you’ll la-la love it.


San Francisco Chronicle – Mick LaSalle                                                        Dec 13, 2016

It’s a beautiful and hopeful film, coming at a time when there isn’t much beauty or hope in our movies, and it’s the type of picture — a sprawling, exuberant musical drama — that hasn’t been seen in decades.


The Seattle Times – Moira Macdonald                                                          Dec 13, 2016

Like a gift from the movie gods, here comes Damien Chazelle’s dreamy La La Land, right when a lot of us are in desperate need of some light. It’s a valentine to cinema, splashed with primary colors and velvety L.A. sunsets.


Slate – Dana Stevens                                                                                    Dec 10, 2016

For all its borrowing and bricolage, La La Land never feels like a backward-looking or unoriginal work. Even when not every one of its risks pays off the way that first song does, this movie is bold, vital, funny, and alive.


Christian Science Monitor – Peter Rainer                                                       Dec 9, 2016

The fact that neither Stone nor Gosling are tip-top song-and-dance artists is, in some ways, integral to their appeal. If they were Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire, we might not feel as much of a kinship with them.


ReelViews – James Berardinelli                                                                      Dec 9, 2016

La La Land isn’t just the best made-for-the-screen musical to reach theaters in a very long time, it’s arguably the best (non-animated) cinematic musical of any kind since 1986’s delightful “Little Shop of Horrors.” Yes, it’s more vibrant than “Chicago,” more heartfelt than “Les Miserables,” and more successfully staged than a chorus of other contenders.


Los Angeles Times – Justin Chang                                                                 Dec 8, 2016

For a movie that all but demands that you swoon into its arms, La La Land doesn’t always seem to know exactly how to surrender to itself.


Wall Street Journal – Joe Morgenstern                                                           Dec 8, 2016

Damien Chazelle’s musical, consistently daring and occasionally sublime, does what the movies have all but forgotten how to do — sweep us up into a dream of love that’s enhanced in an urgent present by the mythic power of Hollywood’s past.


The New York Times – A.O. Scott                                                                 Dec 8, 2016

La La Land succeeds both as a fizzy fantasy and a hard-headed fable, a romantic comedy and a showbiz melodrama, a work of sublime artifice and touching authenticity.


MTV News – Amy Nicholson                                                                          Dec 7, 2016

If only the script measured up to the craft. La La Land gives us no reason to root for Mia and Seb’s romance, except for its blithe assurance that you will because you loved Stone and Gosling together in Crazy, Stupid, Love.


New York Daily News – Joe Dziemianowicz                                                   Dec 7, 2016

Stone, who wowed on Broadway in “Cabaret,” again shows off some beautiful pipes. She captivates completely from her first frame. Then again, so does La La Land — a singing love letter to musicals, romance and the City of Angels that feels almost like a gift from above.


New York Magazine (Vulture) – David Edelstein                                             Dec 7, 2016

The actors carry the music in their gait, their gestures, the rhythms of their speech, so that their singing and dancing is a small but exquisite step up from the way that they normally talk and walk. To rhapsodize about La La Land is to complete the experience. You want to sing its praises, literally.


We Got This Covered – Darren Ruecker                                                          Dec 6, 2016

La La Land feels like a throwback and also like something we’ve never seen before, resulting in a dreamy musical that hits just about every note.


USA Today – Brian Truitt                                                                                 Dec 6, 2016

La La Land is both delightful confection and life-affirming food for the soul.


Slant Magazine – Christopher Gray                                                                 Dec 5, 2016

Every element of La La Land is bound up in a referentiality that largely precludes the outpourings of emotion we come to musicals for.


Movie Nation – Roger Moore                                                                         Nov 29, 2016

Writer-director Damien Chazelle (“Whiplash”) reaches for the stars, and cast the picture beautifully. But this throwback musical (songs by Justin Hurwitz) lurches along on show business cliches in between dreamy flights of fancy.


Philadelphia Inquirer – Steven Rea                                                              Oct 20, 2016

Some of it is wistful, some of it whimsical, but it’s all wonderful, impossibly so.


The Telegraph – Robbie Collin                                                                      Aug 31, 2016

La La Land wants to remind us how beautiful the half-forgotten dreams of the old days can be – the ones made up of nothing more than faces, music, romance and movement. It has its head in the stars, and for a little over two wonderstruck hours, it lifts you up there too.


Screen International – Fionnuala Halligan                                                    Aug 31, 2016

As a drama, this is less nourishing than the heritage it pays tribute to. But for Chazelle, the story is just a slight rib around which he builds a modern rhapsody.


The Hollywood Reporter – Todd McCarthy                                                  Aug 31, 2016

For Chazelle to be able to pull this off the way he has is something close to remarkable. The director’s feel for a classic but, for all intents and purposes, discarded genre format is instinctive and intense.


The Guardian – Peter Bradshaw                                                                     Aug 31, 2016

I was utterly absorbed by this movie’s simple storytelling verve and the terrific lead performances from Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone who are both excellent – particularly Stone, who has never been better.


Indiewire – Eric Kohn                                                                                    Aug 31, 2016

La La Land is magically in tune with its reference points even as falls a few notes short of their greatness.


TheWrap – Alonso Duralde                                                                             Aug 31, 2016

The musical is as malleable and eclectic a genre as any other, and Chazelle reminds us how effectively it can be applied to intimate moments as well as huge ones.


The film has earned $20 million worldwide and became the 71st most shared movie of 2016.

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