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Stevie J claimed Joseline as evil and violent

‘Love and Hip Hop’ Star Stevie J Claimed Joseline as Evil, Violent, Getting the Weekend Attack

Stevie J & Joseline

Stevie J just filed a doc against a super pregnant Joseline Hernandez, saying he got his ass beat by Joseline. He also added that he is now afraid for his life unless Joseline get mental help.

The charge against Joseline was, Joseline uninvitedly went to his pad Sunday, smash his face and bruised his eyes. He also noted about another encounter and Joseline bullied him, pitched at him, thrown paperwork and lastly leased distasteful speech of Criticism.

Interestingly, on the same day Stevie posted a lovey-dovey video of them. He said the video was recorded just before the claimed beatdown.

Stevie J also requested the Court to arrange a psychological evaluation and anger management for Joseline, saying he is afraid she’ll injure him and their unborn child.

There is rumor that, the second encounter happened at a DNA lab, where Joseline requested Stevie for going through the paternity taste.

Meanwhile, Joseline is out of connection.

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